Infrastructure - Bridges & Tunnels

Photo of Biker on Bridge

Click on the links below for information on options for crossing these bridges:

Antioch Bridge

Benicia/Martinez Bridge

Carquinez Bridge

Dumbarton Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Posey / Webster Tube

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

  • All of AC Transit’s Transbay Services, with the exception of the M, U, and MA lines, provide services across the Bay Bridge.  Click here to plan your next trip. For more information about bikes on AC Transit, visit their Bikes on Buses page.
  • BART permits bicycles on trains except during peak commute periods. Take a look at BART’s bicycle rules for additional information.
  • Caltrans shuttles provide a total of 14 trips across the Bay Bridge during peak commute periods. For a schedule, and additional information, click here. For questions or lost and found information, call 510.286.6954.

Richmond/San Rafael Bridge

San Mateo/Hayward Bridge

Did you know?

Bicyclists and pedestrians can access four Bay Area toll bridges directly: the Antioch, Carquinez, Dumbarton and Golden Gate bridges.

Bicycle transportation across all Bay Area toll bridges is provided by public transit: by bus, BART, ferry, Caltrans shuttle, or even if necessary, by taxi across the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge.

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